WE-OMC/401/DFA: To approve adding additional standards for use in the WE-OMC and subsequent approval by the REMC (Closes 4-Apr)

starts on 20 March, 2019 ends on 04 April, 2019

Should the US vote to approve adding additional standards for use in the WE-OMC and subsequent approval by the REMC?
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As per WE-OMC/350/DV sent out on 2019-01-11, WE-OMC Member Bodies
were requested to vote on the “approval of the list of standards for use in the
WE-OMC” by 2019-02-25. Consequently, WE-OMC/393/RV was published
which included comments from the Danish and German Member Bodies.
They requested that the WE-OMC Member Bodies approve the following
additional list of standards:
IEC 61400-12-1:2005
Edition 1.0 (2005-12)
Wind energy generation systems – Part 12-1: Power performance
measurements of electricity producing wind turbines
IEC 61400-24:2010
Edition 1.0 (2010-06-16)
Wind turbines – Part 24: Lightning protection
IEC 61400-27-1:2015
Edition 1.0 (2015-02-13)
Wind turbines – Part 27-1: Electrical simulation models – Wind turbines
The comments received were submitted to the WE-OMC Chair for his
consideration. He agreed with all the comments and requested that this
proposal should be added to the agenda for Pretoria as a decision making
Comments from German Member Body:
IEC 61400-24:2010 (Lightning Protection) is missing.
Is there a specific reason why IEC 61400-12-2:2013 (Power Performance based
on nacelle anemometry) is not referenced?
Response from WE-OMC Chair:
The IEC 61400-12-2:2013 standard is a measurement standard that is currently
not used in the certification process. Hence it is not (yet) included in the list of
standards for IECRE. If there is a need to include the -12-2 standard in the
certification process (for instance for plant level performance validation for the
project certification) then we can make this change.
Once approved by the WE-OMC, this listing will be submitted to the REMC for
approval and subsequent listing in the relevant area of the website

WE-OMC Member Bodies to approve adding the additional standards to the
WE-OMC scope at the 2019-05-09/10 WE-OMC meeting in Pretoria, South

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots are to be submitted within two weeks to allow for resolution of any comments prior to the IEC deadline.

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