US/RE/04: Appointment of US experts to IECRE WG409 (Closes 9-Oct)

starts on 25 September, 2017 ends on 09 October, 2017

Should the US appoint the following experts to Working Group 409 (Quality Control)? Sumanth Lokanath Ingrid Repins George Kelly
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In June, the PV-OMC authorized a new Working Group 409 for Quality Control. At the USNC/IECRE meeting in August, the secretariat invited all USNC/IECRE members to volunteer for this new Working Group.
Three people requested that they be added to the group:
Sumanth Lokanath
Ingrid Repins
George Kelly

The USNC/IECRE is requested to endorse the appointment of these experts to the Working Group.

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