US/88/02/Q – Appointment of Jonathan Keller (NREL) and Ryan O”Connor (EDF) to JWG for 61400-4 (Closes 17-Nov)

starts on 03 November, 2017 ends on 17 November, 2017

Should the TC88 US TAG appoint Jonathan Keller and Ryan O'Connor as experts on the TC88 joint working group (JWG 1) on IEC 61400-4 Wind turbine gearboxes?
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The TC88 TAG is asked to accept the following two US experts to the IEC TC88/ ISO TC60 joint working group (JWG) on wind turbine gears now developing edition 2 of IEC 61400-4 – Jonathan Keller of NREL and Ryan O”Connor of EDF Renewable Energy.

Resumes are attached.

Note that Brian McNiff recommends these experts since they have been strong participants in the edition 2 of AGMA 6006 WTG gear standard in the US. They will join the current roster of US experts to the JWG – Brian McNiff of MLI and Stephane Eisen of Envision US.

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