US/RE/26/DV: Approval of USNC/IECRE Supplement to USNC Conformity Assessment Mirror Committee Operating Procedures (Closes 16-Jan)

starts on 17 December, 2019 ends on 16 January, 2020

Should the USNC/IECRE approve the draft Supplement to US CA 01?
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The Conformity Assessment Policy Coordination Committee (CAPCC) of the US National Committee of IEC has published a set of harmonized USNC Conformity Assessment Mirror Committee Operating Procedures (US CA 01) in 2019.

Each CA system committee (IECEE, IECEx, IECQ and IECRE) are required to publish a Supplement to US CA 01 stating any specific exceptions to the harmonized rules.

The major exception in the USNC/IECRE Supplement is the definition of Sector Groups for each RE technology.  There are also minor exceptions relating to Resource Experts and the Immediate Past Chair.


The committee is requested to approve the draft Supplement.  If you wish to suggest any changes to the document, please contact the secretary by email (

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