US/RE/19/DV: Appointment of Nathan Brunner (EDP-R) to WG409 Quality Control (Closes 28-Sep)

starts on 29 August, 2019 ends on 28 September, 2019

Should the USNC nominate Nathan Brunner to WG409?
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Nathan Brunner has expressed his willingness to participate in the working group on PV quality control. Nathan is the Solar Reliability Engineer for EDP Renewables where he is the subject matter expert for solar operations, failure response, and performance monitoring. He also consults on all steps through the acquisition process including supplier choice, contract drafts, manufacturing audits, quality and reliability testing, and construction best practices. He previously served as a Product Engineer with SunPower where he worked on reliability improvement by analyzing field failures. He holds an MS degree in Applied Physics from the University of Oregon and a BS in Physics from UC Santa Barbara.

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