US/RE/18: Endorsement of Kyle Wetzel as a member of WE-OMC TF4 (Closes 18-Aug)

starts on 19 July, 2019 ends on 18 August, 2019

Should the US endorse Kyle Wetzel as a member of WE-OMC Task Force 4 (Model validation)?
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Kyle Wetzel has expressed interest in representing the US on the Task Force, which has the following Terms of Reference:

* Establish the general aim of model validation and how it is used in
type and project certification
* Establish a generic framework for model validation – including a
sufficiently detailed mathematical treatment. Such a generic framework
must allow further details (for instance in an Annex), for dealing with
the details for the validation of each model type individually (such as
power performance, loads, siting models, noise, grid, etc).
* On top of the generic model, the details for power performance
validation shall be worked out in detail, also with regards to the
mathematical framework.
* An example of the level of detail that at least needs to be worked
out is as follows: Assuming that the mathematics involved will include
hypothesis testing, then the most common tests used in this context use
the variance included within the data as input to the hypothesis test.
Specifically for power performance (and most likely also loads) the
majority of the uncertainty comes from Category B uncertainty, which
often does not fully translate into variance in the data. Hence we would
have to agree specifically on the hypothesis testing to make sure that
the uncertainty on the input is properly reflected in the outcome of the
hypothesis test.
* The task force is also asked to define the split in work between
RECBs and RETLs regarding model validation and develop the documents
needed to establish competence areas for RECBs and RETLs according to
this split.
* Finally, the establishment of a model validation methodology,
mathematical framework and RECB/RETL competence areas should not change
the fact that the measured power curve is still required as input to the
type certification. The intent is to define in more detail how this
input is used.

The USNC/IECRE is requested to endorse the appointment of Kyle Wetzel as a member of WE-OMC TF4.

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