US/8A/02/Q – Adoption of updated ANSI model operating procedures for SC8A US TAG (Closes 1-Jan)

starts on 02 December, 2019 ends on 01 January, 2020

Does the US TAG approve the ANSI Model Operating Procedures dated June 2019, specifically the use of the “Default Voting Procedure” and the definition of quorum as a minimum of three (3) voting TAG members?
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The attached Model Operating Procedures for USNC Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) were circulated to the USNC constituency in June 2019. Each USNC TAG is required to either adopt these Model Operating Procedures (Option 1) or develop their own Unique Procedures (Option 2) which are equivalent to or more stringent than the approved Model and conform to the requirements of the ANSI Criteria.
It has been recommended that each TAG administered by ARESCA shall adopt the Model Operating Procedures (Option 1) without any modifications.
Furthermore, the TAG shall make use of the “Default Voting Procedure” defined as:
– a member’s vote is assumed to be affirmative unless a member replies in the negative with supporting comment(s)
– if no negative votes are submitted, the affirmative vote is submitted to the USNC office
– If negative vote(s) are received the TA will work with the YAG members to develop an appropriate US response to the ballot
– if consensus cannot be achieved, an abstention is submitted.
Finally, the TAG agrees that the definition of quorum is a minimum of three (3) voting TAG members.

All TAG members are requested to vote on the recommended adoption of the Model Operating Procedures without modification, and the definition of quorum is a minimum of three (3) voting TAG members.
Any proposals for modifications to these recommendations must be submitted to the TAG Secretary for further consideration and additional ballots if necessary. (

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