US/88/06/Q: Appointment of Rain Byars to TC88 US TAG (Closes 12-Jun)

starts on 29 May, 2018 ends on 12 June, 2018

Should the US TAG accept the application of Rain Byars (Global Renewable Energy)?
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Rain is a licensed Professional Engineer with 19 years hands-on practical experience in on- and offshore wind energy. As a project and technical manager Rain has led multi-disciplinary teams to execute long term engineering projects on behalf of clients throughout the life cycle, from prototype and test of novel concepts through series production and fleet asset management. In each project Rain pursues cost effectiveness, safety, reliability, and environmental stewardship. Most recently, Rain led the CVA program for Deepwater Wind Block Island, the first offshore wind farm in the US, with technical and management responsibility for third party engineering assessment and inspection.
Rain has applied IEC 61400 series standards to multiple wind turbine design, type certification, and project certification efforts; has applied a wide variety of national and international standards to on- and off-shore wind farm design and certification; and is actively involved in development of U.S. national offshore wind energy standards through chairing the AWEA OCRP working group.

The TC88 US TAG is requested to endorse the appointment of this expert.

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