REMC/198/DV Document for Vote on the inclusion of “Acceptance of Customer Test Facilities” in IECRE 02 (Closes 9-Oct)

starts on 25 September, 2017 ends on 09 October, 2017

Should the US vote to approve the inclusion of “Acceptance of Customer Test Facilities” in IECRE 02?
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WG 003 has submitted the attached proposal for inclusion in IECRE 02, which is now being submitted to the REMC for approval.

Since IEC CA 01 and IECRE 01-S have replaced IECRE 01, the following applies:

IEC CA 01 clause 12.3

Proposed amendments to the CA System Supplements shall be communicated in
writing to the Member Bodies at least 12 weeks prior to the meeting of the CA System at which the proposed amendments are to be considered. Such amendments are approved if two-thirds of the Member Bodies present are in favour.

If the 12-week submission deadline is not achievable prior to the meeting, the CA System Chair may decide to submit the proposed amendments for approval by the Member Bodies by correspondence (see 12.2). The amendments are approved if a two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the members are in favour. Abstentions are excluded when the votes are counted.

If approved by the CA System MC, the proposed amendments shall be submitted to the CAB for approval. The amendments are applicable immediately following approval by the CAB.

The CAB may amend the Basic Rules on its own initiative, however before taking any such action the CAB shall consult with the MCs of the CA Systems. Unless other specific provisions are made, the consultation with the CA Systems’ MCs shall include the following:
• proposal from CAB to each CA System Chair and Executive Secretary, supported by a rationale for the proposed changes;
• CA Systems’ MCs discussions and decisions at the next MC meetings;
• the CA Systems discussions may result in agreement on an amended version of the


IECRE Member Bodies to comment and vote on enclosed inclusion of “Acceptance of Customer Test Facilities” no later than 2017-12-08.

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots to be submitted within two weeks to allow for resolution of any comments prior to the IEC deadline.

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