REMC/185/DFA: Approval of the Draft WE-OMC Rules of Procedure (Closes 30-Oct)

starts on 07 August, 2017 ends on 30 October, 2017

Should the US vote to approve the Draft WE-OMC Rules of procedure (IECRE 05 Edition 1.0)?
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Please refer to decision WE-OMC 01/2016 and 02/2016:

Decision 01/2016: The WE-OMC assigned WG 501 to include editorial revisions received into the RoP and as indicated in WE-OMC/054/RV. WG 501 to make the update immediately and provide it to the IECRE Secretariat for subsequent submission to the REMC for approval. WG 501 to review the remaining comments received on item 8 of WE-OMC/054/RV, for their consideration for the future edition of the Rules of Procedure.
Decision 02/2016: The WE-OMC approved WE-OMC/053/DFA, changing the time line under clause 5.4, items b) and c) from “three” weeks to “four” weeks. Once the draft RoP is revised, it will be submitted to the REMC for approval, publication and immediate implementation as the first edition of WE-OMC Rules of Procedure, IECRE 05.

The document WE-OMC/050/DFA has been updated according to these decisions and is now ready for REMC Member Body approval.

The WE-OMC Member Bodies to approve the WE-OMC Draft IECRE 05, Edition 1.0 at the 2017-11-06/07 REMC meeting in Feldkrich.

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots to be submitted one week prior to the IEC deadline.

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