REMC/123/DV: Approval of WG 004 Terms of Reference (Closes 29-Apr)

starts on 09 March, 2017 ends on 29 April, 2017

Should the US vote to approve the WG 004 Terms of Reference??
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On 2016-10-24 & 25, during the 3rd REMC meeting in Juno Beach, the following decision was taken:

Decision 10/2016: The REMC directed WG 004 to develop Terms of Reference and submit them to the REMC for approval.

Following the WG 004 meeting held in Hamburg on 2017-02-22/23, WG 004 is submitting the below Terms of Reference for REMC approval:

To coordinate, educate and facilitate promotion of the IECRE system with broad international stakeholders, including:

– Planning, facilitating and educating stakeholders about new services and promotion of existing services as well as means to grow the global awareness of IECRE in general.
– Make the promotion of the IECRE services efficient and powerful by coordinated/collective efforts and measured results.
– Coordinating and facilitating other promotional related tasks as assigned by the REMC.
– Propose Vision and mission statements for IECRE
– Propose branding strategies
– Develop training and onboarding material for new participants in the system
The promotion and educational materials shall be adapted to the different technology stakeholder groups in the value chain.

Broad stakeholder participation is encouraged, especially all end users and the financial stakeholders (e.g. banks, investors, insurance companies, rating agencies, owners and operators) and regulators.


The REMC Member Bodies to approve WG 004 Terms of Reference, effective immediately. Ballots are to be returned to the IECRE Secretariat ( no later than 2017-05-06.

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots to be submitted no later than 2017-04-29

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