REMC/102/DV: IECRE 02 Ed. 2.0 Rules of Procedure

starts on 15 January, 2017 ends on 15 February, 2017

Should the US approve the second edition of the IECRE Rules of Procedure?
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On 2016-07-14 REMC/066/DFA was published for approval during the 3rd REMC meeting in Juno Beach on 2016-10-24 & 25. Based on the comments received from Member Bodies, IECRE 02 ed. 1 was approved and the following decision was taken at Juno Beach:

Decision 05/2016: The REMC approved IECRE 02, Rules of Procedure, and instructed WG 001 to take into account the Danish comments in REMC/081/INF when considering the next edition. Additionally, the second bullet point of 8.2.1 Conditions of Acceptance (line 529), shall be deleted and replaced with “accreditation requirements to ISO/IEC 17065 shall be defined in the sector level Rules of Procedure”.

The following documents associated with Edition 2.0 of the Rules of Procedure (IECRE 02) have been published:

1) Responses to each Member Body comment from WG001 (REMC/103/CC)
2) Responses to the PV-OMC feedback (REMC/104/CC)
3) Responses to the WE-OMC feedback (REMC/105/CC)

The final Harmonized Terms of Reference are also included in the Edition 2.0 of the IECRE 02.

The REMC Member Bodies to approve the IECRE 02 Ed. 2.0 Rules of Procedure. Ballots are to be returned to the IECRE Secretariat ( no later than 2017-02-22.

NOTE: Any comments should reference the line number in the document, and provide a suggested change to address the comment. This will enable the secretariat to transcribe the information onto the IEC commenting form.

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