REMC/100/DV: IEC CA 01 Ed. 1.0 – IECRE Supplement

starts on 15 January, 2017 ends on 15 February, 2017

Should the US approve the IECRE Supplement to the IEC Harmonized Basic Rules?
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The Executive Secretary informed that the HBR which is published, may be used during the transition period (2017), with the final implementation being January 1, 2018.Therefore, in 2018, the IECRE 01 will be withdrawn and the IECRE will operate under IEC CA 01 and the IECRE supplement (to be finalized early 2017).

Following the WG 001 teleconference on 2016-12-19, the group agreed to distribute the proposed IECRE Supplement for immediate Member Body vote.

A track-change version is included to provide the actual changes and justifications for these changes – REMC/101/INF.

The REMC Member Bodies are asked to approve the IECRE Supplement. Ballots are to be returned to the IECRE Secretariat ( no later than 2017-02-22.

NOTE: Any comments should reference the line number in the document, and provide a suggested change to address the comment. This will enable the secretariat to transcribe the information onto the IEC commenting form.

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