REMC/478/DV- Document for Vote: To approve the establishment of 2 stakeholder groups in the PV sector (Closes 3-Sep)

starts on 04 August, 2020 ends on 03 September, 2020

Should the US vote to approve the establishment of 2 stakeholder groups in the PV sector?
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Proposal from the PV SWG:
1. The PV SWG is in a turn-around mode, as already discussed during the 6th REMC meeting in Feldkirch and as reported in REMC/370A/R. Following the establishment of the PV SWG and the election of the Convenor, the PV SWG has started its activities with meetings on 8, 10, and 17 July 2020, and besides TF 5 and TF 6 meetings on 2 and 16 July 2020.

2. During the two PV SWG meetings, the focus areas of PV SWG have been discussed.
The goals of the PV SWG for 2020 are to
• Clean up PV specific documents to reflect the new structure, namely referring to SWG instead of OMC, and all the implications deriving therefrom,
• Recommend stakeholder groups, with an initial focus on creating 2 stakeholder groups, see below,
• Recommend a vision for an OD structure that is intended to be market oriented, as easy to administer as possible, and executable,
• Recommend min. 2 ODs in 2020 that are very urgent to be delivered (out of 5 identified),
• Provide guidance on revenue streams deriving from issued certificates.
3. Following the above mentioned consultations and aligning with the taxonomy of the IECRE REMC (“4XX” for PV) and of the WE SWG (“552” and “553”), the PV SWG recommends to the REMC to establish the following 2 stakeholder groups:
• SG 452: Manufacturers
• SG 453: End users
The aim of this initiative is to create a significantly stronger buy-on from the various stakeholders in the industry, and therefore, create an effective chance to turn the PV sector activity around in favour of IECRE. Particularly, the end user stakeholder group is perceived to be crucial to create sector-wide acceptance of the IECRE CA system.
Within 2 days following a first round of invitations, 6 declarations of interest have been received, and more declarations of interest are expected to be submitted to the PV SWG following a “virtual road show”.


The REMC Member Bodies to approve the following:
(1) The creation of the PV SG 452 “Manufacturers”
(2) The creation of the PV SG 453 “End users”

Ballots are to be returned to the IECRE Secretariat ( no later than

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots are to be submitted within thirty days to allow for resolution of any comments prior to the IEC deadline.

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