REMC/469/DV – Document for Vote: Decisions on proposals as discussed at the WE-SWG meeting (Closes 29-July)

starts on 29 June, 2020 ends on 29 July, 2020

Should the US vote to approve the decisions on proposals as discussed at the WE-SWG meeting?
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In March and April 2020 the WE-SWG meeting was conducted as a series of conference calls. A meeting had been planned to take place in Chennai, India as a face-to-face meeting but it could not take place due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The draft minutes of the WE-SWG meeting have been posted in the WE-SWG Collaboration Tools area accessible to WE-SWG members.


This is the first meeting of the WE-SWG and hence many of the discussions end up in a proposal to the REMC. This is a reasonably significant list, and hence the WE SWG Chair has tried to limit the work for the REMC by capturing the required decisions in one document.


In this section the WE-SWG Chair will introduce shortly each of the requested decisions. In case a more detailed proposal has been written it can be found as an Annex to the document.


  1. Dotted line proposal. The REMC at its meeting in Feldkirch, autumn 2019, discussed and approved the new IECRE structure. One of the points that was unclear is how stakeholder groups / working groups / task forces that previously fell under one of the sector working groups would be organised. The “org chart” as presented by WG001 showed all of these directly under the REMC. The meeting then discussed that a “dotted line” relation should be set up between these groups and the Sector Working Group they are linked to. The WE-SWG discussed this and would like to propose to the REMC a more detailed definition of this “dotted line” relation. Once approved this proposal should be implemented in IECRE 02 by WG 001. Please see Annex 1 for details.
  2. The WE-SWG has agreed there is no further need for Task Force 2 and hence requests the REMC to disband TF2. Task Force 2 was set up to improve the rules on the topic of manufacturing surveillance; this task has been taken over by WG501.
  3. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen delays in the planned assessments. This also affects the Renewable Energy Customer Test Facilities (RECTF) assessments, where we are in a transition phase to bring the first RECTF on board. The current transition period ends 2020-06-30 and the WE-SWG would like to extent this transition period to 2020-12-31.
  4. The secretariat is working with the IEC IT department to improve the flexibility and capability of how the IECRE certificates are shown on the IECRE website by introducing a database for such certificates. The WE-SWG has discussed a concept and requests the REMC to approve the proposed concept. Please see Annex 2 for details.
  5. The WE-SWG Task force 2 has created an OD on Proficiency Testing for RETLs. The WE-SWG has agreed to send the proposal to the REMC for approval. Please see Annex 3 for details.



REMC Member Bodies to approve the documents referenced on the voting form no later than 2020-08-10.

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots are to be submitted within thirty days to allow for resolution of any comments prior to the IEC deadline.

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