REMC/380/DFA: To approve the WG 004 proposal for “Vision, Mission, and Value statement IECRE” (Closes 8-Sep)

starts on 09 August, 2019 ends on 08 September, 2019

Should the US vote to approve the WG 004 proposal for ""Vision, Mission, and Value statement IECRE”?
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Working Group 004 was created by Decision 13/2014 for informing international stakeholders of the IECRE and its activities as well as promoting engagement of all stakeholders.
Critical success factors enabling the IECRE system to become successful through alignment are normative references, in particular – but not limited to – a coherent vision, mission, and value statement. The initial, as well as the new terms of reference, require WG004 to develop and to propose vision and mission statements. Alongside such statements, value statements are an integral part of the top line normative reference set.
Since its existence, WG004 has not yet come up with a vision and mission statement proposal, and therefore, it is certainly an overdue task that asks to be delivered. These normative references are particularly important to be established as a significant portion of the IECRE participants and 1 member body (all PV-OMC) have decided to discontinue being registered in the system. A solid and widely supported normative reference, reflected by the vision, mission, and value statement reflected in this application for vote is deemed to support a healthy development of the IECRE system as through several initiatives, it is currently on the verge of gaining market traction. Finally, the proposed IECRE vision, mission, and value statements reflect elements that all IECRE participants supposedly share in common, thus serving as a uniting element.
During the 4th WG004 workshop held on 25/26 June 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the participants of the workshop have created a vision, mission, and value statement. Following the 4th WG004 workshop, all WG004 members have then be given the opportunity to comment by 19 July 2019. The convener has received no comments.
Therefore, WG004 submits the following final drafts for the vision, mission, and value statements as a ballot for vote by correspondence by the REMC member bodies:
1. Vision statement
As a fundamental pillar enabling sustainable electricity generation and supply, IECRE is the internationally accepted conformity assessment system for all power plants producing, storing, or converting energy from renewable sources; which ensures that essential quality and safety standards are met, and as a consequence, reliable performance can be expected.
2. Mission statement
Our mission is to establish, to administer, and to continuously improve a conformity assessment system in line with our vision. To enable our registered participants to offer up-to-date, market driven, efficient, and effective conformity assessment services to ensure state-of-the-art safety and quality standards are implemented in all renewable energy power plants certified under the IECRE system. To build a collaboration with IECRE registered certification bodies, inspection bodies, test laboratories, independent engineers, and customer test facilities to benefit market
3. Value statements
• Take personal responsibility to make IECRE successful and ensure long-term existence
• Take action if things go wrong
• Expect return on investment to be results- and success-oriented
• Don’t accept a conduct that violates the IECRE vision or mission
Market Driven CA Value Proposition
• Make market success the most important goal
• Look at things the way the customer sees them
• Relate innovations to services, processes and the organization
• Time to market responding to customer needs in line with vision
• Focus all efforts on current and future market needs
• Strengthen knowledge base in materials and systems
• Make knowledge accessible to co-workers
Integrity and Reliability
• Walk the talk – back up words with actions
• Respect people
• Contribute to a safe environment
• Conduct any conformity assessment work in line with rules of procedure and operational
• Actively promote the IECRE conformity assessment system

The REMC Member Bodies to approve the following 3 statements: Vision statement (see item 1),
Mission statement (see item 2) and Value Statements (see item 3) at the 2019 REMC meeting.

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