REMC/370/A7 – WG 004 request to form a PV Rating System Task Force (Closes 30-Oct)

starts on 30 September, 2019 ends on 30 October, 2019

Should the US vote to approve recommendation A.7 in the WG004 report? (Note that this assumes recommendation A.2 is previously approved)
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A.7.1 Background
The PV-OMC Chair has recommended to establish a TF PV Rating System. This effort is closely intertwined with the scope of work of the TF PV Operational Documents outlined in section A.2.
In the past the activities for a rating system in the PV sector have been in the responsibility of the former WG 404. WG 404 has been integrated into WG 004. The PV-OMC Chair has received comments, that there should be a dedicated Task Force for this rating activities, because they are PV specific. Therefore, WG 004 requests that the MBs approve a new TF with the following terms of reference:
– Oversee the development of the initial PV rating system
– Maintain or oversee any maintenance and updates of the PV rating system resulting from continuous improvements
– Develop, establish, maintain, and update the operational documents needed to enable an effective rating system operation

A.7.2 Recommended approvals
The REMC to approve that a TF “PV Rating System” be stablished, and to assign Thomas Sauer as the Convener of that TF.
In the event that the REMC approves establishing both TF, namely TF PV Operational Documents and TF PV Rating Systems, in order to keep the administrative effort manageable, the convener of WG004 recommends that the REMC decides that these two task forces would be established as one TF “PV Operational Documents and Rating System”.

NOTE: This recommendation will be discussed and voted upon at the REMC meeting in Feldkirch, Austria 2019-11-18.

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots are to be submitted within thirty days to allow for resolution of any comments prior to the IEC deadline.

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