REMC/370/A5 – WG 004 request to update the title of IECRE to be more market oriented (Closes 25-Oct)

starts on 25 September, 2019 ends on 25 October, 2019

Should the US vote to approve Recommendation A5 from the WG 004 report REMC/370/R to approve that the title of IECRE will be modified to be more market oriented?
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A.5.1 Background
At the WG004 meeting on 16 September 2019 in Tempe, AZ, USA, the participating workgroup members have concluded that since IECRE will eventually establish vision, mission, and value statements, it might be the right time to address changing the name / title of IECRE.
A.5.2 Recommendations
The current name / title of IECRE reads in full:
Apparently, this “full version” appears to be a “legal” sentence rather than the written-out wording for an abbreviation. It is difficult for anyone to remember or to recite off the top of ones head such a complicated name. WG004 concluded in its 16 September 2019 meeting in Tempe, AZ, USA, that from a marketing perspective the title of IECRE may be an area of improvement.
A.5.3 Recommendations
As a result of the discussion, WG004 suggests a new phrase to represent the new title:
IECRE = IEC Conformity Assessment System for Renewable Energies
In applying the new title for IECRE, WG004 recommends that
• the obvious Internet presence of IECRE where the title of IECRE is immediately visible on the various pages would be modified within 3 months following the REMC decision,
• any documents for download, including current documents in the collaboration tools or on the webpage would stay the same until end of 2021,
• any current ODs and ROP documents that are currently in place would stay identical until end of 2021 or until a new release is issued,
• Any currently available printed matters can be used with the old title until end of 2021 as long as the release is current, and
• Any new materials and documents to be released as of the time of the REMC decision would be created using the new title.

Refer to the WG 004 report REMC/370/R for further details.

NOTE: This recommendation will be discussed and voted upon at the REMC meeting in Feldkirch, Austria 2019-11-18.

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots are to be submitted within thirty days to allow for resolution of any comments prior to the IEC deadline.

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