PV-OMC/190/DV: Approval of change of document reference from OD-406 to AD-004 (Closes 24-May)

starts on 10 May, 2019 ends on 24 May, 2019

Should the US approve the change of document reference from OD-406 to AD-004?
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On the occasion of a survey of documents under the responsibility of WG402, a decision was taken during the meeting of WG402 on 2019-04-03 in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, to change the document reference number of OD-406:

PV OMC is asked for agreement to transfer OD-406 from the responsibility of WG402 to the Secretariat and to change the document reference from an OD-406 to AD-004.

The Executive Secretary of IECRE (present during the WG402 meeting) agreed to take over the ownership of this future AD. This has been documented in the PV-OMC/189/RM Minutes published.

WG402 shall discontinue any work on OD-406 upon the PV-OMC’s approval of the proposal.
PV-OMC is asked for authorization for this planned transfer of ownership of OD-406 towards an AD under control of the Secretariat.
• According to the discussion during the meeting, this document may be characterized to be of past relevance, as it was necessary during taking on board new REIB / RECB members. As the Secretariat is also the owner of similar procedures for WE (e.g. RETL), it was obvious that the appropriate owner today would be the Secretariat.
• WG402 will request to change their TOR since work on OD-406 is explicitly contained in the current TOR. This request is planned to be formulated duly before the next PV-OMC meeting.


The PV-OMC Member Bodies to approve the change of document number for OD-406 to become AD-004 as well as to approve the transfer of ownership of this document to the Secretariat, effective immediately. Ballots are to be returned to the IECRE Secretariat (secretariat@iecre.org) no later than 2019-06-23.

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots are to be submitted within two weeks to allow for resolution of any comments prior to the IEC deadline.

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