– PV-OMC/188/DFA : Document for approval: Proposals of DE MB related to the revision of the IECRE-PV structure (Closes 19-Mar)

starts on 05 March, 2019 ends on 19 March, 2019

Should the US delegation vote to approve Option 2 of the proposal at the PV-OMC meeting on 1-Apr-2019?
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This draft for discussion and decision-making is a proposal issued by the German MB for
discussion at the PV-OMC meeting in the Washington, DC area in the week of 1 – 5 April 2019
Any Decisions taken at the above noted PV-OMC meeting may require subsequent REMC
approval, as well as the need for CAB approval to permit the scope of the PV related Conformity
Assessment Scheme to be allowed under the IECEE, if that is the result of the Decision taken in
DC. Additionally, if CAB were to permit such, it should be noted that the IECEE would also need
to, subsequently, permit the expansion of their scope to incorporate a PV related renewable
energy Scheme within the IECEE.
Reference: REMC/301/INF, which was presented at the Sanya meeting of the REMC and
contained no formal proposal, but was not discussed due to the late submittal of the document.

The PV-OMC to discuss and decide upon the German MB proposals at the 2019-04-01/02
meeting containing the following proposals:
Option 1: Transition the PV-activity of IECRE to the IECEE scheme by fitting the current PV activities
at IECRE as “PVS” activities into the existing IECEE structure
Option 2: PV-activity to remain in IECRE, however, request IECRE to restructure the entire
system to become effective
Option 3: PV-activity to remain in IECRE without any organizational or procedural changes
(maintain status quo)
Option 4: Any other proposal submitted by any member body within a suitable timeframe in
advance of the April 2019 PV-OMC Meeting

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots are to be submitted within two weeks to allow for resolution of any comments prior to the IEC deadline.

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