PV-OMC/182/R (DFA) : Document for approval: Proposal of DE MB for Integrating IECRE-PV-OMC WG404 into WG004 (Closes 19-Mar)

starts on 05 March, 2019 ends on 19 March, 2019

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Appendix A: Proposal of DE MB for Integrating IECRE-PV-OMC WG404 into WG004
1. Current situation
Currently, IECRE is operating two WGs dealing with promotion and marketing matters (WG404 on
PV-OMC level and WG004 on REMC level). (Note by the author: The wording has been corrected
to reflect the current situation as is.)
2. Details
2.1. The Scope of WG404 is as follows:
This Marketing Working Group continuously monitors and assesses industry trends to provide
market validation for new areas of interest to IECRE PV members. The Marketing Working Group
organizes the development of communication and education programs for members, potential
members on issues critical to the IECRE PV-OMC future success. This may include: tradeshow
promotions, booth opportunities, events & speaking opportunities, and public relations. It promotes
the acceptance of the IECRE PV-OMC conformity assessment system in the target market
segments of the PV system financial stakeholders including: rating firms, investment funds, private
equity investors, insurance companies, consumers, governmental entities.
The promotions track within the marketing group works with the IECRE PV-OMC to identify
industry needs through surveys, market research and market surveillance.
The data track ensures compatibility of data and collects anonymized data on certification and
plant performance as justification and trend reporting. WG404 will design unique data field
identifiers, definitions and characterizations where appropriate and relevant, WG404 will determine
necessary data submitted to the IECRE secretariat for certification and identify public data fields.
It coordinates its work with REMC OMC-PV WG 004 which is responsible for OD-402 & OD-407
and for the development of the PV power plant rating system (decision 05/2018 by PV-OMC dated
9 April 2018, the “Rating System”).
2.2. The Scope of WG 004 is as follows:
To coordinate, educate and facilitate promotion of the IECRE system with broad international
stakeholders, including:
• Planning, facilitating and educating stakeholders about new services and promotion of existing
services as well as means to grow the global awareness of IECRE in general.
• Make the promotion of the IECRE services efficient and powerful by coordinated/collective
efforts and measured results.
• Coordinating and facilitating other promotional related tasks as assigned by the REMC.
• Propose Vision and mission statements for IECRE.
• Propose branding strategies.
• Develop training and onboarding material for new participants in the system.
The promotion and educational materials shall be adapted to the different technology stakeholder
groups in the value chain.
Broad stakeholder participation is encouraged; especially all end users and the financial
stakeholders (e.g. banks, investors, insurance companies, rating agencies, owners and operators)
and regulators.
3. Suggested solution
To reduce the complexity and the associated costs/resources for all stakeholders, the German
Member Body suggests to integrate WG404 including all its responsibilities into WG004. WG404
members that are not yet members of WG 004 will be invited to join WG004.
4. Proposal for decision
The German MB proposes that the OMC-PV member bodies to approve at the April 2019 PV-OMC
Meeting that:
WG404 will be integrated into WG 004, and all responsibilities of WG404 will be transferred to

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