ME-OMC/053/DV: Approve draft OD-300: ME Certification Scheme: Test Report Requirements (Closes 31-Mar)

starts on 09 March, 2017 ends on 31 March, 2017

Should the US vote to approve draft OD-300: ME Certification Scheme: Test Report Requirements?
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The draft OD 300 below was developed by WG360 over approximately 6 months and includes careful consideration of the Wind sector experience with Test Reports, as well as previous ME considerations within former CAB WG15.

The comment received (ME-OMC/044/CC) on the first draft of OD 300 (ME-OMC/041/DC) has been incorporated and additional changes have been implemented based on REMC activities.

This OD has been intentionally kept concise, as more details will be included in future ODs and Templates for Test Reports associated to TC114 Technical Specifications (ex: IEC/TS 62600-100, IEC/TS 62600-200, etc.)


The ME-OMC Member Bodies to approve draft OD-300, effective immediately. Ballots are to be returned to the IECRE Secretariat ( no later than 2017-04-05.

NOTE: USNC/IECRE ballots are to be submitted no later than 2017-03-31

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