88/766/Q – Request from MT 3-2 to transform IEC TS 61400-3-2 into an International Standard (IS) (Closes 3-Jun)

starts on 04 May, 2020 ends on 03 June, 2020

Should the US TAG vote to approve the request?
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IEC TS 61400-3-2 was published in April 2019.
In 88/735/DC, MT 3-2 asked for feedback on the proposed scope of revision for IEC TS 61400-3-2 Ed. 1, Design requirements for floating offshore wind turbines and to transform this TS into an International Standard (IS). A few MT members failed to respond to 88/735/DC in time. The request to revise the document was approved but the feedback on the proposal to publish the revised TS as an International Standard (IS) was inconclusive. Please refer to 88/748A/INF. Therefore, this Questionnaire(Q) is circulated.

The MT discussed this extensively during the MT3-2 kick-off meeting in Korea and 100% of the MT 3-2 members attending the meeting agrees that the industry do have enough experience to take this to an International Standard.

Considering the number of floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT) already installed and the projects to be installed prior to the release of the revised -3-2, do not consider that as an immature technology. The MT do have the experience from: • Hywind • Hywind Scotland • 2xWindFLoat 1 (Portugal and moved to Kincardine) • WindFloat Atlantic • WindFloat Kincardine • Ideol France • Installations in Japan

The MT will also have experience from the development of; • Hywind Tampen • 4 x French FOWT projects

In addition, several recognized class societies (CS) has already published standards for FOWTs and this experience will also feed into the proposed International Standard (IS) as these CS’s are represented in this committee together with the experience from the designers and developers of the projects that are to be installed prior to the release of the IS.

The approval criterion is a two-thirds majority affirmative vote of the P-Members voting. P-Members who abstain or ‘responded without comments” are not counted.
IEC TC 88 national committees are requested to provide their replies on the following question:
1. Do you agree with the proposal to transform Technical Specification IEC TS 61400-3-2 into International Standard ?

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