88/757/Q: Appointment of a new project leader for PT 61400-30, Safety of Wind Turbine Generator Systems (WTGs) – General principles for design (Closes 11-Apr)

starts on 12 March, 2020 ends on 11 April, 2020

Should the US TAG vote to approve the appointment of a new project leader for PT 61400-30?
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IEC TC 88 PT 61400-30 and the secretariat of IEC TC 88 would like to propose Ms. Lucia Quintana Alonso from MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, DK as the new project leader of IEC TC 88 PT 61400-30, replacing Ms. Peggy Friis. The Danish NC has informed the IEC TC 88 secretariat that Ms. Peggy Friis due to job change no longer has the possibility to continue as convener. The TC 88 officers wish to express their thanks to Ms. Peggy Friis for her service to the wind turbine community and for her leadership in convening PT 61400-30. IEC National committees are invited to indicate whether they are in favor of Ms. Lucia Quintana Alonso as the new project leader of IEC TC 88 PT 61400-30 or if they have counter proposals. National Committees are invited to submit their votes and comments to the IEC electronic voting / commenting system

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