88/736/Q: Request from CIGRE SC B5 for a liaison A with TC 88 (Closes 28-Sep)

starts on 29 August, 2019 ends on 28 September, 2019

Should the US TAG vote to approve the proposed liaison?
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1. Background
CIGRE is a global community committed to the collaborative development and sharing of power system expertise.
CIGRE operates an open, non-profit culture, fact-based culture and the work of CIGRE often contributes to IEC standards.
CIGRE SC B5 would like to establish a liaison of Category A with TC 88.
Category A liaisons are described in IEC/ISO Directives (Part 1, 1.17.2) as follows: “Organizations that make an effective contribution to the work of the technical committee or subcommittee for questions dealt with by this technical committee or subcommittee. Such organizations are given access to all relevant documentation and are invited to meetings. They may nominate experts to participate in a WG (see 1.12.1).
Approval criterion for category A liaisons is that 2/3 majority of the P-members vote to approve.
2. Action
The National Committees are invited to approve / disapprove this request and to provide any comments

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