88/735/DC: Proposed scope of revision for IEC TS 61400-3-2 Ed. 1, Design requirements for floating offshore wind turbines (Closes 28-Sep)

starts on 29 August, 2019 ends on 28 September, 2019

Should the US TAG vote to approve the proposed scope revision and conversion of IEC TS 61400-3-2 to an International Standard?
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IEC TS 61400-3-2 was published in April 2019.
MT 3-2 proposes to initiate a revision of the Technical Specification (TS) as the technical knowledge and interest in the field of floating offshore wind turbines has increased since the technical work on the document was concluded in 2015.
MT 3-2 proposes to transform the TS to be an International Standard (IS).
Details for the motivation of the work, scope of revision and practical details are to be found in the attached annex.
IEC TC 88 national committees are requested to approve and comment on:
a) transformation of IEC TS 61400-3-2 into International standard
b) proposed scope of the revision
P-members are invited to nominate experts to MT 3-2, and the appointed experts should be entered into the IEC Expert Management System (see documents AC/21/2004 and AC/24/2008) by 2019-10-04.

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