88/732/Q: Nomination of new project leader for PT 61400-40, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) – requirements and test methods (Closes 8-Sep)

starts on 09 August, 2019 ends on 08 September, 2019

Should the US TAG approve the nomination of Mr. Steve Hayes as convenor of PT 61400-40?
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The Spanish NC has informed TC 88 secretariat that Mr. Miguel Martínez Lavín has decided to resign as project leader for PT 61400-40. Upon discussion with the project team, the secretariat of IEC TC 88 would like to propose Mr. Steve Hayes from Element Materials Technology, UK as the new project leader of IEC TC 88 PT 61400-40.
The TC 88 officers wish to express their thanks to Mr. Miguel Martínez Lavín for his service to the wind turbine community and for his leadership in convening PT 61400-40.
IEC National committees are invited to indicate whether they are in favor of Mr. Steve Hayes (UK) as the new project leader of IEC TC 88/ PT 61400-40 or if they have counter proposals.

Annex: CV of Mr. Steve Hayes.

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