88/731/Q: Request from MEASNET for a liaison A with TC 88 (Closes 31-Aug)

starts on 01 August, 2019 ends on 31 August, 2019

Should the US TAG vote to approve the proposed liaison?
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1. Background
MEASNET is a multinational co-operation of companies, which are actively engaged in the field of wind
The members established an open and non-profit structure for MEASNET, which defined harmonized
measurement and evaluation procedures for different wind energy related tasks combined with the
performance of mutual and periodical quality assessments.
MEASNET procedures are publicly available and have formed the basis for different wind energy related IEC
standards in the past.
MEASNET would like to establish a liaison of Category A with TC 88.
MEASNET accepts the general requirements applicable to liaisons under the ISO/IEC Directives, and agrees
in its liaison and submission activities to comply with IEC’s copyright and patent policy requirements.
The executive board of MEASNET expresses its pleasure to support the IEC committee work through the
liaison and nominates Ms. Monika Krämer, the current Chairwoman of MEASNET, as main contact person of
this liaison.
Category A liaisons are described in IEC/ISO Directives (Part 1, 1.17.2) as follows: “Organizations that make
an effective contribution to the work of the technical committee or subcommittee for questions dealt with by
this technical committee or subcommittee. Such organizations are given access to all relevant documentation
and are invited to meetings. They may nominate experts to participate in a WG (see 1.12.1).”
Approval criterion for category A liaisons is that 2/3 majority of the P-members vote to approve.

2. Action
The National Committees are invited to approve / disapprove this liaison request and submit the replies using
the WORD version attached via the IEC electronic voting system by by 2019-09-06 at the latest.

NOTE: US TAG ballots must be submitted prior to the IEC deadline to allow for resolution of any comments.

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