The IEC System for Conformity Assessment and Certification in Renewable Energy Applications (IECRE System) was formed in 2014 with an aim to facilitate international trade for use in Renewable Energy Sectors while maintaining the required level of safety. The IEC sets standards, and IECRE assesses and certifies that equipment is in conformity to these standards.
The mission of the IECRE is to operate a single, global certification system, accepted by local and national authorities or other bodies requiring and benefiting from certification, based on high quality IEC Standards while allowing for continuous improvement.
The IECRE’s goal is to offer a harmonized application for conformity assessment around the globe, and across technologies, which ensures a uniform:
• implementation and mutual recognition between certification bodies and test labs
• implementation and delivery of information by suppliers, sub-suppliers, end users and others providing documentation for certification
• implementation and clear understanding of all suppliers, sub-suppliers, end users and other applicants for the elements and modules as well as reports, statements and certificates of the certification processes
ARESCA offers a platform for information and interaction for United States companies, industries and governments as they participate in the IECRE conformity assessment system. ARESCA provides support to the US national committee of IECRE, which represents US interests in IECRE’s development of international renewable energy conformity assessment.


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