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USNC-IECRE Open Ballots – All USNC-IECRE members eligible to vote will receive a ballot by e-mail. Please register your vote through the ballot link. A second e-mail (sent immediately after you vote) will contain a link to change your vote.

Approval of JET as RECB
(Closes 10-23-17)

Approval of JET as REIB
(Closes 10-23-17)

Ratification of Moeller as RETL
(Closes 10-23-17)

Approval of
WG Terms of Refrence
(Closes 10-23-17)

Approval of
WE-OMC Peer Assessors
(Closes 10-23-17)

Approval of
(Closes 10-29-17)

Approval of WE-OMC ROP
(Closes 10-30-17)

Approval of DTU as RETL
(Closes 10-31-17)

Revision of Operating Procedures
(Closes 11-05-17)

Approval of 2018 Budget & Fee Structure
(Closes 11-05-17)


USNC-IECRE Closed Ballots – refer to Voting Results page [] or My Voting History page []

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